Screw You Algorithm..

Dear Instagram

A friend was crying out for help on this platform last week, she was at her wits end and needed a friend to talk to but I didn’t see it, because instead, you’ve chosen to hide all her posts so she’s not seen and I wasn’t able to offer her a shoulder.

Dear Instagram, a friend posts photos of her bruises regularly because she needs people to notice domestic violence is right under our noses,but she feels trapped and can’t leave this toxic relationship, she hides her account from her partner because if he sees it, he will hurt her over and over but, by posting, others in her position relate to her and support each other. But you keep hiding her photos and instead, she suffers in silence because nobody saw her black eye that day.

Dear Instagram. My friend got engaged on Christmas Eve but I’ve only just seen it now, over a week later and haven’t been able to congratulate her because instead, you decided to post exactly the same photo on the top of my feed for three days in a row. I know Carols beef stew looked the dogs bollucks but I don’t need to keep seeing it

Dear Instagram, a friends teenage son has been bullied by someone on here for a long time now, it gets reported countless times and he doesn’t want to delete his account because he wants to be like his friends, despite it being reported, you don’t ban the account, apparently, calling a young boy a “queer” isn’t abuse and doesn’t violate your community guidelines. Please tell me how that works out for you, because it’s really not working out for him.

Dear Instagram, a friend was needing someone to tell her everything would be ok last month after the breakdown of a twenty two year marriage and three young children. I didn’t get to reassure her because instead, you only ever seem to keep the accounts with 40k plus followers at the top of my feed and don’t have any value for those with anyone below 200.

Dear Instagram, a friend is struggling financially and trying so hard to grow her account so she can take on paid work in order to make ends meet, instead, you keep shadow banning these accounts for trying to grow their following the right way but instead, keep showing me accounts on my feed daily of yet another large account advertising a product that I’ve just spotted her selling on eBay despite it being gifted. Don’t rub salt in the wounds there Insta my old pal.

Dear Instagram, my friend is trying to raise awareness for a life threatening illness through her little squares, it’s a rare illness that nobody seems to be aware of but nobody is seeing her content because instead, she’s hidden away in favour of yet another paid sponsered ad. What’s more important here? Another teeth whitening paste or our health?

Dear Instagram, there are thousands of bloggers out there trying so hard to make it in a cut throat industry and desperately trying to deliver an important message to people but you keep hiding their accounts and therefore hiding their blog because it’s seems only blogs that form a pod and are successful in their own right are seen, and god forbid that the latest £200 boots are more important to be seen than her trying to document her fight with cancer and making society more aware of the importance of checking their breasts. Which reminds me, please check yours Instagram, maybe you could do a permanent post on our feed to remind us of the importance.

Dear Instagram, you are a business and I get that, I really do. But can’t we go back to the days of chronological order, the days were we didn’t have to plan posting times to the very minute in hope 100 out of 2k followers may see them. Can’t we go back to the days of blocking spam accounts leaving automated comments instead of shadowing the genuine people who plough their heart and soul into creating beautiful content and heartfelt words? Can we go back to the days when people felt they could be themselves and be accepted for being who they are instead of staging a life of material possessions and striving for abnormal perfection just to feel like they fit in?

Can we go back to when Instagram was a community of support and respect for one another, instead of it turning into a playground atmosphere and if your face doesn’t fit or your house isn’t mortgaged and show home ready then you ain’t coming in?

Can we go back to the time when we didn’t look at the number of followers someone had before following back, instead, can we just respect the person behind the squares not the number in the top corner?

Can we go back to when we weren’t afraid to unfollow the big dogs because we no longer enjoy their content but instead worry about the backlash if we do?

Can we go back to the time when we just didn’t care about following and unfollowing because instead, we looked at quantity over quantity? Can we go back to when we all felt comfortable enough to start a blog and share our thoughts with each other but instead, we are all too worried what others will think and feel we don’t match up to the fancy accounts that only ever seem to support each other?

Dear Instagram, can’t you just cut us all some slack and go back to the way it used to be?

Can’t you make it easy for us all to be a proper community again, so we can support one another and don’t need to read countless “grow your following” posts from accounts that had made it before you started being a dick and make it look like a walk in the park when really, we all know that all it takes is to be real, be genuine and be kind?

Can you make it so people don’t have to resort to begging for follow Friday shout outs from big accounts or playing silly tactical games in order to be recognised as Instagram worthy. Because what is Instagram worthy? A big house? A fancy car? A wardrobe full of new clothes each week and a collection of mulberry handbags that we really couldn’t afford but it looked good in a picture?

The truth is Instagram, we are ALL worthy of being noticed. We are ALL worthy of being accepted. We are ALL just trying to feel like we have a place to go when it gets tough or wanting to share our days with others and give others hope for good times ahead.

But because you chose to make it so difficult, you are rapidly breeding a culture of people that feel less than they are worth. You are creating a playground mentality and sadly, adult bullying has become an even bigger deal because people hang on the words spoken by a person hiding behind an army of thousands.All this because of the numbers in a box and the number growing in YOUR bank account.

Dear Instagram, you started this and I think you need to finish it. Make a change and make it for the better. Ditch the algorithm, ditch the spam and the shadow banning. Let’s go back to how it used to be, with or without numbers.

Let’s be a Community again, because really, we are all here for the same reason. With it without your Algorithm, which is frankly, shite.





  1. January 5, 2018 / 10:33 am

    On my feed i’m still seeing posts from Christmas Eve. I just don’t understand it.

  2. January 5, 2018 / 6:33 pm

    Really amazing!….I use to think the issue was with my device. So, I kept restarting it…or hitting refresh 100x per minute 😂😂😅 when I see a 3-day old post at the top of my feed.

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