And A Happy New Year

Alright My Lovers?

I swear I must have blinked and missed Christmas. One minute, Paul and I are running around buying the last few presents, then it was all over and I was taking down the tree. It just feels like it went too fast this year, maybe it’s because the kids are all older and aren’t really phased about “the magic of Christmas”, they’re more interested in the pile of presents then facetiming their friends to compare notes. All that said, we had an amazing Christmas with Paul’s family, my sister in law cooked an amazing dinner and I made the decision that whoever invented the elasticated waistband  was my new hero. 

Now it’s that annoying part of the week between Christmas and New Year when you don’t actually know what day of the week it is, you’ve run out of things to do with the turkey leftovers and are waiting for the Slimming World membership coupon in the next edition of Woman’s Weekly. 

I’ve eaten the last of the strawberry cremes and now I’m wondering if I should make any New Years Resolutions. The last time I made one, I vowed to stay celibate for a whole year (that last for three minutes… in every sense of the word) so after my failed attempt, I decided never to make one again. Or at least make my expectations more realistic right?

Without realising it, today, in the middle of Currys, I made a resolution and a promise to Paul. My promise was to stop over spending, wasting money on stupid things we don’t need, food we won’t eat and most importantly, stop secret spending. We’ve had to buy a new dining table set today as our current table is an old, second hand table (most of our furniture is old, second hand) and we are at the point where we are now worried that mid dining, it’s going to collapse. Somehow, we also came away with a new sideboard to match and a tv for the dining room. We also treated ourselves to a new camera which we brought with the money left to us by Paul’s beloved and very missed Nan. We decided to honour Nans memory by capturing the special moments on a proper camera and putting them into proper albums full of the family she was such a big part of and loved dearly. 

Paul and I don’t ever buy “big” things like this, we don’t over indulge or spoil ourselves to “the finer things” in life, always choosing to shop around and buy second hand if needed. It was only when we were shopping today that we realised how very little we allow ourselves to spend and enjoy the things we use everyday. As Paul reminded me, if I stop the secret spending, we wouldn’t have to feel so guilty when we buy the things we really do need. So there it was, in the middle of Currys, I made my vow to not piss money up the wall anymore. 

We chose to ignore the fact that on returning home, an Asos parcel was waiting for me. Yes, a secret splurge, and the last of them. 

I want to say I’m going to start to this resolution, and I’m starting off with the best of intentions. Maybe, I should make more resolutions but to be honest, I won’t stick to them. I’ve made a conscious effort to make some goals and hopefully, this time next year Rodney….

Whatever you are all doing for New Year, I hope you all do it safely, with the people around you that you care for the most. Paul and I are child free so we’ve decided to be really hardcore parents and stay  in with a nice meal and a bottle of Prosecco. We will toast to those we have lost this year and look forward to making a whole new year full of memories with our little family. 

Paul will no doubt toast to the extra money sitting in the account that I won’t be spending. 

Thank you to all of you who have supported my blog since I started a few months ago, hopefully, it will continue to be well received into the next year. I’m nobody special, just an ordinary, working Mum with split ends and a gunt trying to keep three kids from ripping each other’s head off on a daily basis.

From me, and my little gang…

Happy New Year 

Em xox ​

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