Bloggers on the blag

Alright my lovers?

For people that know me well, they’ll know that when I get a bee in my bonnet, I can’t let it go. For someone who suffers with anxiety that’s not ideal, it builds up to be a bigger deal than it sometimes needs to be and then I rant.

Like now.

Only this time, it’s not blown out of proportion and I feel it needs to be said.

For me, I’m still a newbie on the blogging scene, so therefore, I don’t profess to be massively successful with my writing and nor do I think I’m Instagram famous or a big deal in the blogging world.

I started blogging quite simply because it was either write or have counselling. Ok it’s not that bad for me just yet but you know, the option is always there. 

I’ve always been proud of being a good person with strong morals, what I lack in beauty, I make up for in personality. Pass me a friggin trumpet cuz I’m gonna blow it. I have never found it hard to make people laugh, that’s my favourite quality about myself, I’m from a family where humour runs strong in the genetic train and laughter has always been the key tool. So for me, making friends and talking to people has never been difficult, keeping those friends from taking advantage and back stabbing me has always been something of a different challenge however.

Sadly, moving away to a whole new county has made it harder for me to make friends, Nev is too old for me to do the school run and make friends with the Mums (although I have with a couple), I only knew Paul when I moved here so between going to work and spending time with my family, it’s been hard to make friends. So that’s where the writing came in, it filled in the lonely gaps and gave me something to focus on instead of feeling depressed, not only that but it meant I got to do something I’ve always been good at, creative writing, and with that, I can incorporate my personality. I don’t feel the need to be cliche or write to be impressive or controversial, I just write what I honestly feel.

A few friends of mine blog and have been lucky enough for it to really take off, often being sponsored by companies to endorse their products through blogging and using their social media platforms, and that’s great, if it works for them then top marks. I often read their blogs and relate to it myself and at times, find myself disagreeing, and that’s fine, that’s what it’s about. At least I know they are genuinely writing for the love of it. 

And then there’s the others. The blaggers. 

This is something I really struggle with. People assume that if you either have a blog or are going to start a blog, it means you are either getting freebies or you do it for the freebies. Bollucks to that.

Admittedly, I have been fortunate to recieve some lovely treats from kind small business owners. For that, I am always grateful because I appreciate that they are losing money sending me out samples and paying the postage on top. Next week, I will introduce you to those lovely businesses as part of a festive shopping meets winter nights post. However, out of all four of those businesses, I have purchased from three of them and come payday, I will be buying from the fourth. To be honest, I purchased from three of them originally and asked their permission to blog about them because I truely believe in them as a company and the products they sell. 

Recently, I have turned down offers of free products from five company’s. Yes I know, nobody says no to free stuff but for me, I can’t accept it when I know that I will either have no real use for it, I don’t believe in the product and more importantly, I don’t relate to them as a business because of their manner towards me. I feel it’s important to be able to believe in what you are endorsing, after all, you’re trying to help someone so if you feel that small business owner was rude to you, why would you then accept the free stuff? Your basically saying yes, it’s ok to be a cretin and where would the moral be in that? 

Recently, my sister told me how she did a celebrity Z listers eye lash extensions when she had her own business, this girl told her she would promote her etc and get her business by posting the result on her Instagram, she didn’t. So she had a £45 set of stunning lashes for fuck all and left my sister out of pocket and feel used and abused. 

That girl was a blagger but considering she was a top nosher on the reality tv scene, who am I to be surprised there. 

Seriously, where is the respect for the small business owner? 

I’ve been lucky and made friends with some small business owners and have heard some right horror stories, for e.g, a “blagger” rudely demanding free products and she would post a photo for an extortionate rate. WHAT THE ACTUAL DUCKING DUCK?

Now let’s stop right there, that gives us genuine bloggers a bad name straight away, trying to remove the title of being a potential blagger then you go swooping in with demands? First of all, who the hell makes a charge from one photo that isn’t even a registered business and secondly, why would you even do that? If you genuinely want to help that business, surely you’d BUY from them THEN post a photo on your Instagram for FREE? 

The thing I find insulting is seeing people being gifted amazing items then a week later, selling it on eBay for a nice tidy profit and gem removing the photo. (Me personally, I’d never flog my amazing candles that I’ve been gifted, I’m obsessed with them) To me, I’d rather say yes, I will promote your product but then if I wasn’t keen on it, I’d prefer to either send it back, donate it to charity or offer it to a friend who would appreciate it. In my opinion,  photographing a nice bit of neck furniture and professing undying love for it on Instagram then eBaying it as an “unwanted gift” as just rude. And that’s what I mean, you should surely believe in the product? 

I dunno, maybe I’ve got it all wrong my strony opinionated morals mean I will never make it in the blogging world, but that’s ok, I wouldn’t want to be on someone’s pedestal leading them to believe I’m perfect when I’m really not (I leave my pants on the bathroom floor all the time AND I fart in public then blame it on the person in front of me).

I just want to be known as a girl who blogs because I love it…and because going on Jeremy Kyle is probably going to be a cheaper option than counselling and I’m not ready for that type of humiliation.

Rant over. 

Em xox

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