My new BFF Sebastian Tree

Alright my lovers?

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m pretty sure we’ve all been that teenager that hears a song and just has to play it on repeat?

Well for me, I was that annoying child, teenager, young adult and now slightly older and no wiser adult. The first time it happened, my Grandad gave me a pound, took my big sister and I off to the local market and told us to go and buy whatever we wanted. Granted, kids today would look at you like you’ve just handed them 2p and hold their hand out for the paper note, but, back then, I felt like the richest girl on Earth. I headed straight to the music stall and there it was, some good-looking chap by the name of Elvis on a cassette tape for 99p. Now back then, I didn’t know who Elvis was, all I knew is that after spending what like forever doing the maths, I realised that I’d have a whole 1p left and could leg it around to the next stall and buy a penny chew (I also knew my Grandad would never suffer the shame of allowing me to ask for just one sweet and would give me another pound). I was a bit of a sly child.

Anyway, I went back to my Grandads house and played my tape proudly over and over until I’d learnt all the words to “The Girl Of My Best Friend” and I’d managed to convinced myself that he was singing to me. I cannot tell you how gutted I was when the tape string finally snapped and my Grandad refused to buy me another because he couldn’t face listening to that song one more time. My bonding sessions with Elvis were over and I moved on to Jason Donovan. I’ve since learnt never to downgrade. Paul is the perfect example of that.

I think that moment at the market was probably where my love of music began and I realised that I didn’t have a bad set of lungs myself and could hold a tune together quite well. Music has always been a big part of me and I used to find myself often getting lost in lyrics, to be quite honest, I even acted out potential music videos in my bedroom, I’d make myself cry and act like the broken woman whilst Jason sang the words that were written for me – don’t laugh, I was only 32!

I like to think I have quite an eclectic taste in music, Bowie to Barbara Streisand,  Nirvana to NKOTB, Simply Red to SEBASTIAN TREE. Who is Sebastian Tree you may wonder? Well if you don’t know now, take my advise and make yourselves very familiar because I’m pretty certain he’s one to watch.

My little sister sent me a link recently and told me that I HAD to listen to this song immediately, so I did and there it was, I had that Elvis moment over and over again. To the point where even the neighbours know the lyrics by now. I genuinely believed everyone knew who this guy was and as usual, I was well behind the times, I had no idea he was from The Midlands and was literally on his quest for big things, and trust me, those big things are already happening. Next year, he takes on a few dates in America and no doubt, from then on, world domination. Imagine Pinky and the Brain but this guy literally manages it and becomes much more famous and better looking with a lot more hair. I mean, come on, he’s already in the top ten in the itune charts with the likes of Zoe Ball giving his music a play on t’radio.

In true stalker style, I checked out his club page, his instagram and all other social media accounts. I watched his interviews on youtube with various entertainment channels and was pretty excited so see that he wasn’t a conceited knobhead like some other musicians and was literally all about putting in the hard graft in order to get somewhere. Seb (because we are now on first name terms and all that) hasn’t had opportunities handed to him on a plate, he’s had to fund it all himself and work his arse off. To me, THAT is a true musician (he writes the lyrics as well as plays keys and strings) so I wasted no time downloading both tracks to my itunes album –  only 99p each and I wasn’t worried about getting penny chews with the change this time!

churchlight 2.jpeg

Last night, he played a gig at Mama Roux’s in Birmingham, a quirky, unique venue that screams South American chic. (My sister and I actually agreed it could actually be the perfect wedding reception venue if you wanted a place full of character and a little different to the norm.) To be honest, we didn’t pay much attention to the first solo act, I was too busy enjoying drinking vodka from a plastic cup whilst busting for a piss.

When Seb and his band took to the stage he smashed it from the second he opened his gob. To me, he nailed every song and connected with everyone in the venue – quite possibly even with the amazing plants hanging from the ceiling. His voice is one of those distinct voices that you just don’t forget and you could easily listen to him with a full band or a cappella. If you like Kings Of Leon and James Bay you’ll definitely be into his music and, if I’m honest, after finding a cover version of ‘If You Leave Me Now‘ by  Foxes, I’m 1000% positive I prefer his version. I’m going to add a few links to his music because I’m pretty sure you’ll end up having a ‘young Emma’ moment and play it over and over again (except if you download it on itunes there’s no chance of you being left broken-hearted like I was the day Elvis snapped his string on me).

I really am fan-girling here aren’t I , but, sometimes, you just have to throw your once-white bra on that stage and be that 33-year-old grown woman waving her imaginary “I HEART SEBASTIAN TREE’ homemade banner.

P.S, His Mum is bloody lush and his Dad looks like Micheal Douglas so naturally, I asked if we could be friends, after I’ve made Sebs best friend my best friend.

P.P.S I think he might put a restraining order on me soon (I joke, I’m not that bad)

Have a listen. Download it. Thank me later.

Download Worry from iTunes

Facebook sebastiantreeofficial

I accept payment in penny chews.

Em xox


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