‘About Emma’


Before we go any further, I feel the need to warn you.

If you’re a fan of oversharing, swearing and quite frankly, pure unfiltered honestly, you’ve come to the right place. I will have no qualms talking to you about my ability to open my bowels on demand or about how I occasionally shove a tampon in the tap to stop it dripping at night (I’m not up for Chinese water torture)

I will open up to you about everything and anything, guaranteed, whatever is in my head, I will share with you. It may not always be shits and giggles, at times it may be raw pain (and I’m not talking willy in the hooverpipe type of pain) but what this blog will be, is honesty. Whether that honestly relates to friendships, mental health, interiors, strong eyebrow game, body image, parenthood, how I have literally zero pence in my bank right now or just general home truths, you can be sure I will tell it like it is, pure honestly told straight from the heart. They’ll be no perfectly posed photos of me walking down pretty cobbled streets because quite frankly, the local council are hot on making our roads even (always spoiling my fun) and to be truthful, not only am I crap at using my camera in any mode other than “sports” (must work on this) but, you can’t fit my thighs into a good shot and I’m just not that pleasing on the eye.

This isn’t TOWIE, everything you read will be real and definitely not set up for your enjoyment. (Nor is it Tinder, so don’t email me nudes because I promise you now, my head isn’t for turning) I don’t say anything for a reaction, nor do I say things to gain popularity, I write because I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. Because hopefully, by doing just that, we can all realise that we really aren’t the only ones.

I’m the one who will say what you were all thinking but didn’t know how to.

VOTE EMMA FOR MAYOR!!!!! – Nah you’re alright, politics is the only thing you’ll never read about on here.